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Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend that you start searching for the necessary information in the FAQ section. In case your question is not answered in this section, kindly get in touch with the Support Team.

What does the company do?

The activity of our company is aimed at the cryptocurrency mining.

What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a process by which new coins are introduced into the existing circulating supply, as well as a process used to secure the network the coin operates on. The people who mine a coin, are known as miners. Thus, instead of having a central authority that controls and secures the money supply, this control and security is spread out across the network that miners help to maintain.

Bitcoin Mining is incredibly difficult now. How do you solve this problem?

We use application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) in bitcoin mining. They are designed to provide mining power at incredibly high speeds and use very little electricity.

Is cryptocurrency mining profitable?

Mining is always profitable for mining organizations with low costs and the latest and most efficient mining hardware. We are heavily investing in the best hardware to stay at the edge of technology.

When was the company incorporated? was incorporated in 2019 in London, United Kingdom. The relevant documents you can see on the main page of our site.

What is your participant age policy?

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate in our program.

How to start working with

By registering at you become the full member of the company and can start investing with us.

What are the advantages of working with

The main advantages of project are its profitability, reliability and user-friendly interface with clear options and workflow.

Which e-currencies do you accept?

We accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum payment systems at this time.

How many accounts can I create in your program?

We are persistently asking to create and use one account. Our technical control service checks all registrations. If we find out you have multiple accounts, all your accounts will be blocked. The funds in these accounts will be frozen.

What is the minimum and maximum amount to deposit?

The minimum amount to create the deposit is only $10. The maximum amount that you will be able to invest in the project is $100.000.

How often my profits are accrued?

Profits are accrued once after a certain period in accordance with the rates and conditions defined in participant's investment plan.

How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

Deposits will be updated as fast as you deposit. However, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum deposits will be accepted by script automatically, after getting several confirmations from network. Usually it takes 20-60 minutes and in rare cases can take up to 24 hours.

I created a deposit, but my funds were returned back to my account. Why is it so? reserves the right to refuse to invest any user without giving reasons.In such cases, your funds will be credited to the balance in your account, after this you must to create withdrawal requests. The withdrawal of funds will be carried out within the rules of the project.

How to calculate my profit in the program?

To calculate your profit, you can use the profit calculator presented on our website.

I received a message with a request to specify the username and password. What should I do?

Do not respond to such a message. We will never ask you for your password. Please note that some scammers may represent themselves as the employees of the and send messages that is false or intentionally misleading. Please, report to us about this! Such users will be immediately and permanently removed from the program.

Is a profit paid directly to my currency account?

No. Profit is paid out on your account in the project, and you can withdraw it to your currency account anytime.

Is it possible to create a deposit from one payment system and withdraw funds through another?

No, it is not possible. You can withdraw your funds only through that payment system through which you created the deposit.

Do you charge any fees from withdrawals?

No, we don't charge any fees. However, some payment processors charge some fees. For example, Payeer charge 0.95% from every withdrawal transaction.

Am I able to request the principal deposit withdrawal before the end of investment period?

No, the principal deposit can be withdrawn (together with profit) only after the end of investment period.

How can I withdraw my profit?

In order to withdraw your profit, you need to create a withdrawal request in the 'Withdraw' section in your member area. Just fill desired withdrawing amount, choose payment system which you used for making your deposit and press on the 'Request' button.

Is my principal deposit included in the profit?

Yes, your principal deposit is included in the profit. It means that your principal amount will not be returned separately.

Do you have any withdrawal limits?

No. We don't have any withdrawal limits.

How long does it usually take for a withdrawal request to be processed?

All withdrawal requests are processed in manual mode within 48 business hours. Therefore, we encourage you to be tolerant. But we shall do our best to reduce awaiting time of our clients.

What is the partnership program?

The partner program is a set of technical solutions and financial capabilities that have been created for those who wish to participate in development of the company and receive a worthy reward for it.

Does have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have one-tier Affiliate program which offers reward of 5% on the deposits made by people you have referred.

Can I receive referral commission fees without being an active investor?

Yes, you can receive the partnership commission without being an active investor in

Who can become my referral?

Absolutely anyone who is interested in investment activities can become your referral. There are no any restrictions in this matter.

Where can I get my referral link?

You can find your referral link in your personal account.

Are there any banners on your website?

Yes, you can find our banners on the 'Banners' page. You can post banners and partnership links in social networks, on forums and other websites. You can also use e-mail for attracting members to your partnership team.

How fast can I get the partner reward to my account?

The partner reward will be transfered to your balance instantly.

When can I withdraw my referral reward?

Referral commission can be requested when you want as usual profit.